Decision Notices/Draft Minutes

Changes to the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 for Community and Town Council’s mean that Wick Community Council must publish Decision Notices within 7 working days of the last meeting.

Councillors agreed that the draft minutes (see below) would be used for this purpose.

Draft Minutes of previous meeting:

Minutes 18th May 2023 (pdf)

AGM Minutes and Annual Report 18th May 2023 (pdf)

Approved Minutes from previous meetings:


Minutes 16th March 2023 (pdf)

Minutes 16th February 2023 (pdf)

Minutes 19th January 2023 (pdf)


Minutes 15th December 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 17th November 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 20th October 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 15th September 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 21st July 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 16th June 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 19th May 2022 (pdf)

AGM Minutes 19th May 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 21st April 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 17th March 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 17th February 2022 (pdf)

Minutes 20th January 2022 (pdf)


Minutes 16th December 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 18th November 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 21st October 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 16th September 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 15th July 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 24th June 2021 (pdf)

AGM Minutes 20th May 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 20th May 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 18th March 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 18th February 2021 (pdf)

Minutes 21st January 2021 (pdf)


Minutes 17th December 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 19th November 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 15th October 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 17th September 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 27th August 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 16th July 2020 (pdf)

AGM Minutes AGM 18th June 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 18th June 2020 (pdf)

May – No meeting (Covid 19, Pandemic)

April – No meeting (Covid 19, Pandemic)

March – No meeting (Covid 19, Pandemic)

Minutes 20th February 2020 (pdf)

Minutes 16th January 2020 (pdf)


Minutes 19th December 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 15th November 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 17th October 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 19th September 2019 (pdf)

August – No Meeting

Minutes 18th July 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 20th June 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 16th May 2019 (pdf)

AGM Minutes AGM 16th May 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 18th April 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 25th March 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 21st February 2019 (pdf)

Minutes 17th January 2019 (pdf)


Minutes 20th December 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 15th November 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 18th October 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 20th September 2018 (pdf)

August – No Meeting

Minutes 19th July 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 21st June 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 17th May 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 19th April 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 15th March 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 15th February 2018 (pdf)

Minutes 18th January 2018 (pdf)


Minutes 12th December 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 16th November 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 19th October 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 21st September 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 17th August 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 20th July 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 29th June 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 11th May 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 20th April 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 16th March 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 16th February 2017 (pdf)

Minutes 19th January 2017 (pdf)