News and Projects 2020

Christmas Lights (Date: December 2020)

The Community Council has been pleased to support the lighting up of the Village this especially dark Christmas. In addition to our usual Christmas tree we have been able to support some businesses in the village to add additional lights.

A big thank you to all those who have made the effort to brighten up the village this year, especially Rob and Sam Ball for our best ever Christmas tree.

Multi-Use Games Area and Rugby Field Update
(Date: December 2020)

Following on from the community mapping exercise carried out a few years ago, we are delighted to announce that work has commenced on the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), on the carpark end of the Rugby Field. It is anticipated that this work will be complete by the end of February 2021.

The construction of the MUGA has been funded from ‘Section 106’ money, i.e. a contribution to the community, paid by the developer of the new housing at St James Gardens.

We are also in discussions with the Vale Council concerning the Rugby Field.  For safety reasons the floodlights, which had fallen into disrepair, have been removed.

Work is also underway to make safe some diseased trees around the field.

Dog-fouling (Date: December 2020)

This year we have received several complaints concerning the failure of some dog owners to clean up after their pets.

All dog owners are urged to make every effort to act responsibly and pick up and properly dispose of any mess left by their pets.  Bagged waste can be put in any of the many bins around the village.

Remembrance Sunday, 8th November
(Date: 29th October 2020)

Remembrance Sunday this year falls on 8th November, the day before lockdown ends. Welsh Government rules set a limit on the number of people attending and there can be no Church Service. Father Craig, together with a standard bearer, will be at the memorial outside the Village Hall from 10.45am and will invite representatives of organisations and then individuals to step forward and lay wreaths one at a time. The two-minute silence will be honoured at 11.00am.

If more attend than are permitted they will be asked to wait a short distance away and to lay any personal remembrances following the official service. All of those attending are asked to respect social distancing rules.

To allow for the smooth running of the service organisations and individuals who wish to lay a wreath are asked either to respond to this message or to email

At this stressful, emotional time every effort will be made to accommodate all those who wish to attend. Members of the public who are taking part in the two-minute silence at home, as suggested by the Royal British Legion, will be welcome to lay their tributes following the end of the service

“We will Remember Them”

New safety barrier to be installed on St Brides Road
(Date: September 2020)

Wick Community Council have been contacted by parents whose children use the short length of footpath that leads from St James Gardens to St Brides Road. Parents are concerned that there is no barrier to stop children running out into the main road. 

The request to install a barrier was supported by councillors at the last Community Council meeting. Ward Councillor, Stewart Edwards contacted the Vale of Glamorgan Council, and we can report that his request has been successful.

The Council, using the remainder of the Section 106 monies (Sustainable Transport) from the St James Gardens development, have agreed to install a barrier in the near future.

Wick’s Covid Volunteers
(Date: July 2020)

Wick Community Council would like to thank all those who responded to requests for help from the Community during the lockdown.

Fifteen residents responded to the Community Council’s requests for volunteers, and we are aware that there were many others who carried out a variety of tasks when asked by neighbours and friends.

We are very grateful to all those who helped out when the Community needed it most.

Sports Pavilion Update
(Date: July 2020)

It is still the intention that the Community Council will take a 25-year lease on the Sports Pavilion, however, due to the pandemic, there has been a delay in the legal process.  We have spoken to the Vale Council who have confirmed that the lease will be issued when the pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

During the latter half of the year the defective roof on the Pavilion was replaced and a cleaning company engaged to clean it on a regular basis, however, in March we were ordered to close as part of the lockdown. We have now been informed that, with effect from 20th July, community buildings can now open but that social distancing rules apply so the purposes the Pavilion can be used for are limited.  In particular communal changing and showers are not yet permitted.

Enquiries about booking the Pavilion can be made to, or phone 07710209437.

Sports Pavilion Public Consultation
(Date: July 2020)

Once the Community Council does take over responsibility for it, we are very keen to find out what improvements the community would like to see to better reflect the needs of the Village.

Currently the kitchen and toilet facilities are poor. More than half of the building, i.e. the changing rooms and the showers, which were used three days a week when the Rugby Club were active, is barely used at all.

The building is currently used regularly by Wick Youth Club and Wick Pensioners and occasionally by residents for meetings, craft and other activities. However, it is mostly unused for six days of every week.

There are grants available to develop the use of the building, but before we apply for them, we need a clear vision for the future use of the building, for example, there were suggestions in the last community mapping exercise that it should include a community café.

Please let us know what you think the the Sports Pavilion should be use for, so either?

1.0 Please complete the online survey using this link:
Community Mapping Questionnaire – Your Sports Pavilion


2.0 A newsletter and form will soon be delivered to houses in Wick and Broughton. Please complete the form, and let us know what you think.

New Defibrillator Installed
(Date: July 2020)

There is now a public use defibrillator near the front door of the Pavilion.  Should you have occasion to use please let the Community Council know. 

A refresher training course on the use of the defibrillator will be arranged as soon as lockdown restrictions allow.