Speeding Vehicles

Speeding and Wellbeing Impact Survey for Wick

By completing the survey below, you can help us to understand the impact that speeding vehicles has on the wellbeing of all residents living in Wick. Examples of how speeding vehicles affect you or your family are especially welcome.

Wick’s speeding impact survey is now open (Date: July 2021)

For many years residents of Wick have raised concerns with Wick Community Council over speeding vehicles travelling through Wick on the main road.  We are often told ‘It’s an accident waiting to happen’.

We have regular contact with the Police, GoSafe and the Vale Council on this matter but we are told that there have been no accidents or injuries reported in Wick for more than five years and as a result it is not a priority for limited road safety funds.

Nevertheless, many people tell us that they have been frightened by the speed of vehicles passing close to them and have asked for action to be taken to deal with the high speed of some vehicles.

The Welsh Government has announced that speed limits are to be reduced to 20mph, but there is a strong feeling that whilst this will slow those already sticking to 30mph it will do nothing to deal with those travelling at much higher speeds.

The Community Council is now supporting a campaign with a difference, concentrating on the wellbeing of residents and the fear, alarm and distress caused to residents.

If you support this campaign please let us know by completing a short survey above.

Meeting with Jane Hutt MS (Date: June 2021)

For many years the Community Council has raised concerns with the Police and the Vale of Glamorgan Council about speeding vehicles passing through Wick.
There has not been any reported accidents or injuries in Wick for many years, but we often receive reports as to how speeding vehicles does worry residents and has a detrimental affect their wellbeing.

Recently Jane Hutt MS met with Community Council Chair David Ambrose and we welcome her support for our campaign.

As a result of that meeting, Jane wrote to the Vale of Glamorgan Council regarding road safety and the non-operating speed sign on St Brides Road. The response from the Vale Council can be opened using this link, Jane Hutt/Vale Council response (pdf) Since receiving this letter, we can report that the rumble strips have now been replaced, though it is unlikely that the sign will be repaired in the near future.